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Summaries of Recent Breaking News in all Categories

BUSINESS: 12 minutes ago
Lessons From the Melrose 1 Paramount Case
WORLD NEWS: 21 minutes ago
VIDEO: The right to kiss in India?
ENTERTAINMENT: 23 minutes ago
Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald Run Errands Together Day Before Their Wedding...
US NEWS: 24 minutes ago
Mexican judge orders jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi freed, family...
US NEWS: 26 minutes ago
Judge rejects strict limits on nurse who treated Ebola patients
BUSINESS: 28 minutes ago
Are We Alone In The Milky Way?
BUSINESS: 28 minutes ago
Universal's 'The Wolf Man' Was The Iron Man Of His Day
ENTERTAINMENT: 30 minutes ago
How To Survive As A Reality Television Family
POLITICS: 32 minutes ago
Opposing Gun Measures in Washington State Draw Cash and Sow Confusion
ENTERTAINMENT: 34 minutes ago
American Hustle Is At The Center Of A Microwave-Based Lawsuit…
BUSINESS: 36 minutes ago
Is a Santa Claus Rally Ahead, or Just Another Bust?
BUSINESS: 36 minutes ago
Steve Jobs' Most Important Products
BUSINESS: 36 minutes ago
Apple Loop: iPad's Killer Feature, Sapphire Screen Secrets, Apple's...
US NEWS: 36 minutes ago
See Waves Slam Cars on a Busy Chicago Road
BUSINESS: 40 minutes ago
Japan Expands Money Supply While U.S. Expansion Ends
BUSINESS: 42 minutes ago
Takata must rev up air bag replacement effort: U.S. safety officials
POLITICS: 43 minutes ago
2 Names Familiar in Malibu Battle Over Anti-Development Measure
WORLD NEWS: 45 minutes ago
Are Corsica's days of militants and the mafia over?
ENTERTAINMENT: 46 minutes ago
4 Blood-Chilling New Music Videos That You Probably Shouldn't Watch Alone
TECHNOLOGY: 47 minutes ago
Spook Yourself by Staying Home and Watching Let The Right One In
WORLD NEWS: 47 minutes ago
Love to Patrick
TECHNOLOGY: 49 minutes ago
Hands On With Microsoft’s New Fitness Wearable, The Band
ENTERTAINMENT: 49 minutes ago
Kim Kardashian Wears Skeleton Costume for "First" Look of Halloween...
ENTERTAINMENT: 53 minutes ago
'Limitless' TV Show Heads to CBS with Producer Bradley Cooper
ENTERTAINMENT: 53 minutes ago
'Riddick' Direct David Twohy Takes on Sci-Fi Thriller 'Replay'
ENTERTAINMENT: 54 minutes ago
Rita Ora Abandons Single Release Plan After Twitter Challenge Majorly Fails
WORLD NEWS: 55 minutes ago
Meulensteen criticises Rodgers
US NEWS: 58 minutes ago
Lake Michigan Waves Slam Chicago Lakeshore
POLITICS: 59 minutes ago
Firebrand Alabama Republican Collides With Ethics Law He Espoused
ENTERTAINMENT: 59 minutes ago
'Supergirl' TV Show Will Include Jimmy Olsen and Cat Grant
ENTERTAINMENT: 60 minutes ago
'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Eyes Ansel Elgort Brenton Thwaites
ENTERTAINMENT: 60 minutes ago
Legally High: Marijuana Initiatives On The Ballot In Three States And D.C.
BUSINESS: 62 minutes ago
This Man's Betting On The Technology Behind Apple Pay - And Even He...
ENTERTAINMENT: 65 minutes ago
Kid Rock Surprises Super Fan With Down Syndrome With Some Amazing...
TECHNOLOGY: 66 minutes ago
More than 700 Virgin Galactic ticket holders are left wondering what's next
ENTERTAINMENT: 67 minutes ago
NBC Axes Two New Comedies, Bad Judge and A to Z
ENTERTAINMENT: 68 minutes ago
Tara Reid’s Skeletal Figure Scares Fans BEFORE She Puts On Halloween Costume!
BUSINESS: 72 minutes ago
Gartner Calls for Self-Healing Apps -- Waratek's Already There
ENTERTAINMENT: 74 minutes ago
Demi Moore ‘Driving Mila Nuts,’ Wants Her To ‘Stay Away’ From...
TECHNOLOGY: 77 minutes ago
Does Bitrate Really Make a Difference In My Music?
BUSINESS: 80 minutes ago
The Week Ahead: Why Stocks Must Get Even Stronger
BUSINESS: 82 minutes ago
Leaders Need To Decide When To Co-operate And When To Go It Alone
US NEWS: 82 minutes ago
Federal charges appear unlikely in Ferguson police shooting: Washington Post
TECHNOLOGY: 82 minutes ago
Cop charged with stealing nude pics from women’s phones
BUSINESS: 84 minutes ago
Android Circuit: Motorola's Superior Droid, Xiaomi Fights For Third,...
BUSINESS: 85 minutes ago
Hong Kong Holds Key for Chinese Firms Expanding Internationally
POLITICS: 89 minutes ago
Landrieu stands by her remarks on racism and sexism in Louisiana
US NEWS: 90 minutes ago
Cubs hire Maddon as manager, fire Renteria
US NEWS: 91 minutes ago
Salem school bars church youth leader after student objects to religious...
POLITICS: 95 minutes ago
Rager at the end of the world: How Halloween looks in the shadow of tragedy
POLITICS: 95 minutes ago
Sherman Alexie: “It’s funny that Hollywood would hire an Indian...
POLITICS: 96 minutes ago
This Irish cottage may really be haunted by violent fairies
BUSINESS: 97 minutes ago
Unknown election outcome is stocks' big fear
TECHNOLOGY: 107 minutes ago
Smigin Lets You Build and Learn Useful Phrases In Different Languages
TECHNOLOGY: 107 minutes ago
Oingo Boingo: Dead Man's Party
WORLD NEWS: 107 minutes ago
Boko Haram denies ceasefire claim
TECHNOLOGY: 109 minutes ago
Engadget Daily: Samsung's all-metal phone, a Wii U eulogy and more!
POLITICS: 110 minutes ago
In Alaska, Begich fights to the end
TECHNOLOGY: 119 minutes ago
Contextly Expands Its Content Recommendation Platform To Include Videos...
TECHNOLOGY: 122 minutes ago
Grumpy Cat's Christmas movie: Watch the first clip
POLITICS: 124 minutes ago
Landrieu Stands By Race, Gender Comment: "Everyone Knows This Is The Truth"
SPORTS: 127 minutes ago
SEC school never disclosed two rape allegations
TECHNOLOGY: 141 minutes ago
This is your chance to ask Mark Zuckerberg anything
SPORTS: 150 minutes ago
Suns guard pulls Halloween prank on teammates
TECHNOLOGY: 152 minutes ago
CrunchWeek: Google Hunts For Cancer, Microsoft’s Fitness Band, And...
SPORTS: 157 minutes ago
Johnny Manziel keeps low profile with Browns
SPORTS: 159 minutes ago
Previewing Saturday's top college games
SPORTS: 161 minutes ago
Klay Thompson, Warriors agree to 4-year extension
POLITICS: 165 minutes ago
Grimes Campaign "Exploring Legal Options" Against McConnell
POLITICS: 166 minutes ago
Halloween Open Thread
TECHNOLOGY: 167 minutes ago
This Video Explains Four Psychological Terms You May Be Misusing
WORLD NEWS: 168 minutes ago
Labour 'to replace Lords with senate'
WORLD NEWS: 171 minutes ago
US shares close at record levels
TECHNOLOGY: 175 minutes ago
‘The Life Aquatic’ Trailer in the Style of Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’
WORLD NEWS: 192 minutes ago
The rise and fall of Blaise Compaore
WORLD NEWS: 193 minutes ago
U.S. chides Russia over military flights in Europe
WORLD NEWS: 198 minutes ago
Iraqi Kurds 'in Kobane to fight IS'
WORLD NEWS: 203 minutes ago
In Air and Cyberspace, on Land and Sea, Russia Shows Muscle
POLITICS: 212 minutes ago
Sudan's Worsening Food Crisis
WORLD NEWS: 215 minutes ago
Erdogan Uses Conflict to Consolidate Power
SPORTS: 218 minutes ago
Giants don't let rain dampen Series parade
POLITICS: 221 minutes ago
#LASen: A Little More on Mary Landrieu’s Slamming of Her State’s Voters
POLITICS: 235 minutes ago
Why Joe Biden would love a 50-50 Senate
SPORTS: 237 minutes ago
Ex-FAMU band member convicted in hazing death
WORLD NEWS: 238 minutes ago
Hamilton top in second US practice