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Summaries of Recent Breaking News in all Categories

BUSINESS: 17 minutes ago
Apple Pay Won't Sink Smaller Players -- Here's Why
BUSINESS: 17 minutes ago
When Does Apple Need China For The iPhone 6 And 6 Plus To Be Successful?
BUSINESS: 17 minutes ago
Apple Product Launch: iPhone 6 And Apple Watch
BUSINESS: 18 minutes ago
Top 5 U.S. Cities For Runners
BUSINESS: 24 minutes ago
The U.S. Oil And Gas Industry By The Numbers [Infographic]
BUSINESS: 24 minutes ago
FedEx Shares Point To New High As Shipper Beats Expectations, Hikes Rates
BUSINESS: 32 minutes ago
Three Things A Gold Standard Will Happily Not Achieve
BUSINESS: 32 minutes ago
SalesforceVoice: Would Customer Service Reps Accept A Job In Sales?
BUSINESS: 32 minutes ago
Creators Of Beats And Guitar Hero Launch Smart Home Startup Leeo
US NEWS: 37 minutes ago
FBI joins search for missing University of Virginia student; family...
BUSINESS: 41 minutes ago
Industries Ripe for Disruption: The End of Low-level Lawyering
BUSINESS: 42 minutes ago
General Mills misses as competition weighs on U.S. sales
BUSINESS: 43 minutes ago
ArcelorMittal To Sell Off Interest In Gallatin Steel Company As Part...
BUSINESS: 45 minutes ago
Governors Dayton And Cuomo Highlight Hypocrisy Of Political Football
BUSINESS: 46 minutes ago
Urban Outfitters To Debut In Hong Kong; Mainland China Likely To Be Next Stop
BUSINESS: 47 minutes ago
U.S. consumer prices post first decline in 16 months
TECHNOLOGY: 47 minutes ago
Olympus is working on a Sony-style remote lens camera, too
POLITICS: 51 minutes ago
Naomi Klein on climate failure: “It’s not that we’ve done nothing....
POLITICS: 51 minutes ago
A suggestion for the House Benghazi committee: Let’s talk about...
US NEWS: 53 minutes ago
US current account trade deficit narrows to $98.5 billion in second...
TECHNOLOGY: 54 minutes ago
Diane Von Furstenberg's designer Google Glass frames come to the UK
US NEWS: 56 minutes ago
US consumer prices fall 0.2 percent in August
US NEWS: 58 minutes ago
Watch: New York Man Accused of ISIS Support
SPORTS: 59 minutes ago
Pennant primer: Nathan, other closers struggling
TECHNOLOGY: 61 minutes ago
Shake Your Way Into the Craft Cocktail Trend
US NEWS: 64 minutes ago
Broadway-bound in 'Love Letters,' actress-activist Mia Farrow reveals...
US NEWS: 72 minutes ago
Suspect ID’d in Pennsylvania trooper ambush a marksman who ‘doesn’t...
TECHNOLOGY: 75 minutes ago
The ‘Kindle Voyage’ could be Amazon’s next e-reader
WORLD NEWS: 76 minutes ago
Letter From Africa: The Reality of Ebola, a World Away
TECHNOLOGY: 77 minutes ago
Fujifilm packs a ton of power in the X30 point-and-shoot
WORLD NEWS: 80 minutes ago
VIDEO: Barely a house intact in Ukraine village
TECHNOLOGY: 83 minutes ago
Kuaidi Girds For Global Battle As The Ride Sharing Wars Heat Up In China
US NEWS: 84 minutes ago
Vikings: Peterson won't play until child abuse charge resolved
WORLD NEWS: 86 minutes ago
As migrants flee eastern Cuba, a town mourns those lost at sea
TECHNOLOGY: 88 minutes ago
Nearly 10% of Americans Go to Work High on Weed
US NEWS: 89 minutes ago
Pregnant mom in Philadelphia shot dead; manhunt for suspect
US NEWS: 90 minutes ago
Separatists in Quebec, Scotland share lessons
ENTERTAINMENT: 90 minutes ago
Mayim Bialik Reveals In a Blog Post She Hates Disney's Frozen -- Find Out Why
ENTERTAINMENT: 91 minutes ago
Archeologists In Leicester Have Found A Couple Who've Been Holding...
TECHNOLOGY: 92 minutes ago
CyberLink’s Director Suite photo-video upgrade brings cloud services...
TECHNOLOGY: 92 minutes ago
Mesosphere Snags OrlyAtomics In Talent Acquisition Deal
TECHNOLOGY: 92 minutes ago
Would you buy a Wi-Fi router just to use your cell phone indoors?...
ENTERTAINMENT: 92 minutes ago
How The Stars of The Big Bang Theory Forged Incredible Friendships
TECHNOLOGY: 92 minutes ago
Wanted by NASA: Space Telescope Director with Spy Credentials
TECHNOLOGY: 92 minutes ago
LinkSwipe Shares Links Through Different Apps with Swipe Gestures
POLITICS: 98 minutes ago
Failure to communicate
WORLD NEWS: 101 minutes ago
China Muslim scholar rejects 'separatism' evidence as widely criticized...
US NEWS: 104 minutes ago
Judge rules against bid for separate trials for 2 charged in Philadelphia...
WORLD NEWS: 105 minutes ago
DJ Travis 'not sleazy or predatory'
ENTERTAINMENT: 106 minutes ago
A Teen Was Arrested For Rubbing His Testicles On Someone's Pizza Because...
WORLD NEWS: 109 minutes ago
Ukraine to vet officials for loyalty
TECHNOLOGY: 110 minutes ago
Auth0 Raises $2.4M To Help Developers Plug Into Identity Platforms Like Facebook
WORLD NEWS: 112 minutes ago
Vodafone and EE 'in Phones 4U talks'
TECHNOLOGY: 115 minutes ago
Internet speeds across Southeast Asia crash as yet another undersea cable breaks
WORLD NEWS: 116 minutes ago
Missing man search in Alice case
ENTERTAINMENT: 117 minutes ago
Fighting For Justice: Kelsey Grammer Pleads To Keep Sister’s Suspected...
WORLD NEWS: 119 minutes ago
Much at Stake as Xi Jinping, Chinese Leader, Visits India
ENTERTAINMENT: 121 minutes ago
Video Captures The Moment An Angry Mob Throws A Ukraine Politician...
TECHNOLOGY: 121 minutes ago
15 Polite GIFs to Help You Celebrate National Courtesy Month
ENTERTAINMENT: 121 minutes ago
Lauren Conrad Marries William Tell: See Her First Wedding Photo
ENTERTAINMENT: 122 minutes ago
What’s On? Seven Day TV And Soaps Guide – This Week’s Best Bets...
ENTERTAINMENT: 124 minutes ago
‘Insanely Jealous’ Michael Jackson Almost Drove Niece To Death...
ENTERTAINMENT: 125 minutes ago
Katie Holmes Shows off Bra, Skinny Waist in See-Through Black Dress
POLITICS: 129 minutes ago
American Front leader convicted on paramilitary training charges
WORLD NEWS: 129 minutes ago
Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Is Egypt Doomed to Autocracy?
ENTERTAINMENT: 132 minutes ago
More ‘Teen Mom 2!’ Producers Planning 6th Season Of MTV Reality Hit
WORLD NEWS: 135 minutes ago
Op-Ed Contributor: Britain’s Sclerotic Politics
ENTERTAINMENT: 135 minutes ago
Her Prerogative! Newly Single Britney Spears Already Looking For A...
POLITICS: 147 minutes ago
A Foreseeable Failure
ENTERTAINMENT: 151 minutes ago
We Asked English People How Much They Knew About Scotland And It Could...
ENTERTAINMENT: 152 minutes ago
Blake Shelton Serenades Soldiers on Stage
POLITICS: 182 minutes ago
Three Extreme Anti-Abortion Measures Voters Could Approve In November
POLITICS: 197 minutes ago
How the NRA Degrades and Objectifies Women
POLITICS: 212 minutes ago
Why Rick Scott's Facing a Tea Party Revolt in Florida
POLITICS: 217 minutes ago
Rand Eats Up Those McCain-ISIS Rumors
POLITICS: 217 minutes ago
Manhunt for a Cop-Hating ‘Survivalist’
POLITICS: 217 minutes ago
Hated Bitcoin Tycoon: My Life Is at Risk