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Summaries of Recent Breaking News in all Categories

SPORTS: 79 minutes ago
Paul George suffers gruesome injury in Vegas
ENTERTAINMENT: 83 minutes ago
'Maleficent' Blu-ray and DVD Releases November 4th
BUSINESS: 83 minutes ago
Where Truly Original Ideas Come From
ENTERTAINMENT: 86 minutes ago
If You Didn't Think Zayn Malik Could Get Any Hotter, Here Is PROOF He JUST DID!
US NEWS: 87 minutes ago
North Korea holds California man called shy, smart
ENTERTAINMENT: 87 minutes ago
31 Things All '10s Kids Will Totally Remember
US NEWS: 92 minutes ago
George suffers serious leg injury in US exhibition
WORLD NEWS: 92 minutes ago
World Briefing: The Netherlands: A Greenpeace Ship Heads Home After...
WORLD NEWS: 94 minutes ago
North Korea’s Antipathy for the U.S. Is Seen at a New High
POLITICS: 94 minutes ago
North Korea’s Antipathy for the U.S. Is Seen at a New High
BUSINESS: 95 minutes ago
The Not-So-Broken Windows Theory Of Company Culture And Organizational...
WORLD NEWS: 97 minutes ago
Quick History: This Time, a Different Kind of War Between Israel and Hamas
BUSINESS: 107 minutes ago
JPMorgan reaches proposed $4.5 bln mortgage securities deal for most trusts
TECHNOLOGY: 110 minutes ago
Spock Impersonator Logically Decides Not to Prosper in Porn
WORLD NEWS: 110 minutes ago
World Briefing: Japan: Names Given to Disputed Islands
ENTERTAINMENT: 111 minutes ago
Is WWE Superstar Sheamus Playing Darth Vader in 'Star Wars 7'?
POLITICS: 113 minutes ago
Russia May Invade Ukraine This Weekend
WORLD NEWS: 115 minutes ago
Sudanese woman who had faced execution for conversion arrives in U.S.
US NEWS: 115 minutes ago
Sudanese woman who had faced execution for conversion arrives in U.S.
US NEWS: 116 minutes ago
Watch: Family and Friends Pay Their Respects to Murdered 14-year-old...
SPORTS: 124 minutes ago
Madden make brief cameo to honor Ray Guy at HoF
ENTERTAINMENT: 126 minutes ago
'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 Poster Teases Death for Jax
BUSINESS: 126 minutes ago
Bill Gates To Help Launch Philanthropic Education Program In China
TECHNOLOGY: 128 minutes ago
Engadget Daily: Beats joins Apple, HP makes a smartwatch and more!
TECHNOLOGY: 131 minutes ago
This map shows how the world's most important cities change over time
POLITICS: 133 minutes ago
Congress approves bill to replenish Israel's Iron Dome missile defense
TECHNOLOGY: 134 minutes ago
Siri won't let Beats into Dr. Dre's party in bizarre new ad
WORLD NEWS: 140 minutes ago
Australians abandon Down's surrogate
BUSINESS: 141 minutes ago
Learning About Consumers By What They Share Online
WORLD NEWS: 142 minutes ago
Birthright Trips to Israel Continue Despite Mideast Conflict
ENTERTAINMENT: 144 minutes ago
Lamar Odom Was The Reason For Rob Kardashian's Downward Spiral? You'll...
WORLD NEWS: 145 minutes ago
UK suspends Tripoli embassy services
ENTERTAINMENT: 156 minutes ago
Dave Batista Talks Drax the Destroyer in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' | EXCLUSIVE
POLITICS: 158 minutes ago
Obama Expresses Confidence in C.I.A. Director
ENTERTAINMENT: 162 minutes ago
11 Couples From Classic Nickelodeon Shows You Always Wanted To See Hook Up
ENTERTAINMENT: 162 minutes ago
James Franco's Super-Serious Filmmaking Career Takes A Dark Turn With...
WORLD NEWS: 163 minutes ago
African leaders agree steps to fight runaway Ebola outbreak
WORLD NEWS: 171 minutes ago
Op-Ed Contributors: A Creole Solution for Haiti’s Woes
ENTERTAINMENT: 177 minutes ago
14 Signs Your Dog Envy Has Gotten Out Of Control
WORLD NEWS: 178 minutes ago
Anger in Europe Over the Gaza Fighting Reverberates as Anti-Semitism
POLITICS: 178 minutes ago
Sheila Jackson-Lee Should Be Impeached For Encroaching Senility
ENTERTAINMENT: 187 minutes ago
'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Blu-ray Special Features Revealed
ENTERTAINMENT: 191 minutes ago
Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, & Jessie J Have Our Hearts Going Bang...
ENTERTAINMENT: 192 minutes ago
21 Signs You Grew Up With A Lot Of Pets
SPORTS: 194 minutes ago
Jim Kelly makes emotional return to Hall of Fame
US NEWS: 198 minutes ago
Single mom returns wallet with $1,000 to set example for daughter
TECHNOLOGY: 199 minutes ago
Square Said to Be in Talks to Buy Food Delivery Start-Up Caviar
WORLD NEWS: 202 minutes ago
Britain Fails to Find Riches It Expected in Swiss Accounts
ENTERTAINMENT: 207 minutes ago
Robin Roberts' Alleged Stalker Arrested! Get The Scary Deets On The...
SPORTS: 209 minutes ago
Cardinals GM shakes up clubhouse
TECHNOLOGY: 209 minutes ago
Ask Ooloo puts the 'person' back in personal assistant
TECHNOLOGY: 216 minutes ago
Farewell Fotopedia: Travel photography site announces shutdown
TECHNOLOGY: 218 minutes ago
Bill Murray to Voice Lovable Bear Baloo in Disney's 'The Jungle Book'
POLITICS: 220 minutes ago
House Approves Border Security Spending Bill, 223-189
ENTERTAINMENT: 226 minutes ago
Captain America's Sebastian Stan And Margarita Levieva From Revenge Are Dating!
BUSINESS: 233 minutes ago
Japan PM tells Brazil 'Abenomics' working, time to do more business
TECHNOLOGY: 234 minutes ago
Obama: Attendees Will Be Screened for Ebola Before U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit