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Summaries of Recent Breaking News in all Categories

US NEWS: 31 minutes ago
Homer-happy Nationals beat Dodgers 6-4
WORLD NEWS: 36 minutes ago
Fiji says Syrian rebels want compensation, removal from terror list
WORLD NEWS: 47 minutes ago
Hong Kong police arrest 19 in pro-democracy scuffles
US NEWS: 48 minutes ago
Fast-food workers to launch intensified protests across U.S.
WORLD NEWS: 49 minutes ago
China replaces Communist Party leader in coal-rich province amid 'corruption...
TECHNOLOGY: 51 minutes ago
Sound Wallet can keep your Bitcoins secure with vinyl-based encryption
US NEWS: 53 minutes ago
New York City's West Indian Day Parade marred by deadly shooting before...
WORLD NEWS: 59 minutes ago
Japan wage growth surges in July
US NEWS: 68 minutes ago
Coroner says mother, 3 kids among victims of Colorado plane crash
TECHNOLOGY: 72 minutes ago
How To Present A Successful Hackathon Demo
POLITICS: 73 minutes ago
Will the African-American vote save troubled Democratic Senate incumbents?
BUSINESS: 73 minutes ago
Obamacare Is Dampening The Job Market In 3 Principal Ways
BUSINESS: 74 minutes ago
Why I'm Going All-In On Customer Service
POLITICS: 75 minutes ago
Military Medicine: Smaller Military Hospitals Said to Put Patients at Risk
TECHNOLOGY: 79 minutes ago
Google sends event invites out to Indian press, must be Android One
BUSINESS: 79 minutes ago
Putin Demands Federalization For Ukraine, But Declares It Off-Limits For Siberia
BUSINESS: 84 minutes ago
U.S. inflation bonds back in vogue
TECHNOLOGY: 87 minutes ago
Author Compares Women in Traditional Marriages to Prostitutes on TV Panel Show
ENTERTAINMENT: 88 minutes ago
The Stages Of Telling Your Friends You've Never Seen "The Notebook"
ENTERTAINMENT: 100 minutes ago
Prime Minister Calls ISIS Worse Than Nazis Because "The Internet"
ENTERTAINMENT: 103 minutes ago
23 Times Autocorrect Had A Dirty Mind
WORLD NEWS: 110 minutes ago
Falcao caps record summer spending
ENTERTAINMENT: 111 minutes ago
Cee Lo Green Tweets That It's Only Rape If The Person Is Conscious
TECHNOLOGY: 115 minutes ago
LG's Swarovski-encrusted OLED TV is a thing that exists
WORLD NEWS: 124 minutes ago
Iranians play role in breaking IS siege of Iraqi town
BUSINESS: 124 minutes ago
Inside Mumbai's Taj Mahal Palace Hotel
BUSINESS: 124 minutes ago
Believe It Or Not, Market Sees More Upside For India
SPORTS: 125 minutes ago
Orioles buck convention to dominate the AL
WORLD NEWS: 126 minutes ago
U.S. Undertakes Military Operation Against Shabab in Somalia
TECHNOLOGY: 129 minutes ago
NASA Is Making a Traffic Control System for Drones
BUSINESS: 135 minutes ago
China anti-trust probes not protectionist, regulator says
WORLD NEWS: 144 minutes ago
World Briefing: Israel: U.N. Chief Criticizes Seizing of West Bank Land
BUSINESS: 144 minutes ago
At Odds With West, Russia Slowly Moves On
BUSINESS: 144 minutes ago
Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds
WORLD NEWS: 144 minutes ago
Premier League clubs' spending spree
WORLD NEWS: 146 minutes ago
World Briefing: Lesotho: Regional Body Aims to Help Restore Stability
WORLD NEWS: 149 minutes ago
World Briefing: France: Death Toll Rises to 8 After Building Collapse
POLITICS: 151 minutes ago
US military conducts operation against al-Shabaab in Somalia
SPORTS: 152 minutes ago
Manny Pacquiao sings an ode to the NFL
SPORTS: 153 minutes ago
Chris Kirk rallies to win the Deutsche Bank
WORLD NEWS: 153 minutes ago
U.S. Travelers to Cuba Face Stricter Rules on Imports
ENTERTAINMENT: 155 minutes ago
Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress Is Covered In Her Kids' Drawings
WORLD NEWS: 160 minutes ago
Militants Add Cluster Bombing to Tactics, Rights Group Says
TECHNOLOGY: 162 minutes ago
FreeCharge, Which Gives Users Coupons For Charging Their Mobile Plans,...
TECHNOLOGY: 171 minutes ago
LinkedIn Is Quietly Retiring Network Visualization Tool InMaps
BUSINESS: 181 minutes ago
How We All Got It Wrong: Women Were Behind These 7 Famously Inspiring Quotes
TECHNOLOGY: 182 minutes ago
Here's A Close-Up Look at Counterfeit Money
TECHNOLOGY: 189 minutes ago
NASA is building an air traffic control system for drones
TECHNOLOGY: 190 minutes ago
Elgato announces $50 Avea smart lightbulb and Eve smart home sensors
TECHNOLOGY: 192 minutes ago
How a new HTML element will make the Web faster
POLITICS: 193 minutes ago
Midterm Calculus: Elections 2014: Where the Candidates Stand
POLITICS: 193 minutes ago
Campaign Finance: New Voter Guide Follows the Money
BUSINESS: 193 minutes ago
Asian stocks dip, euro stuck near one-year lows
TECHNOLOGY: 198 minutes ago
Cuba Cracks Down on What Travelers Can Bring Into the Country
US NEWS: 201 minutes ago
Acid victims' photo shoot draws attention in India
BUSINESS: 213 minutes ago
EMC A Leader In Mobile App UI Innovation? Who Knew?
TECHNOLOGY: 227 minutes ago
Joan Rivers Reportedly Brought Out of Coma as Family Considers Lawsuit
TECHNOLOGY: 229 minutes ago
Sony announces adorable 'Dragon Quest' limited edition PS4
POLITICS: 230 minutes ago
Krauthammer: Biden is not a 'serious presidential candidate'
ENTERTAINMENT: 238 minutes ago
Britney Spears Addresses Cheating Rumors During Las Vegas Show