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Summaries of Recent Breaking News in all Categories

US NEWS: 41 minutes ago
Woman in Wildfire's Path Lost Almost Everything
US NEWS: 43 minutes ago
Woman in wildfire's path lost almost everything
US NEWS: 46 minutes ago
Cop Shooter Hit Two Troopers and Missed One in 90 Seconds
TECHNOLOGY: 59 minutes ago
Why T-Mobile needs Wi-Fi calling: its network can’t match AT and Verizon
TECHNOLOGY: 63 minutes ago is not secure, says government report that will surprise no one
US NEWS: 63 minutes ago
Tanaka likely to start against Toronto on Sunday
TECHNOLOGY: 64 minutes ago
The FCC Received 3.7 Million Net Neutrality Comments
TECHNOLOGY: 64 minutes ago
Samsung's next big budget phone is made for selfies
US NEWS: 66 minutes ago
NBA's Dwight Howard has driver's license suspended for not paying fine
ENTERTAINMENT: 67 minutes ago
George the Goldfish Swims After $200 Surgery to Remove Life-Threatening Tumor
TECHNOLOGY: 69 minutes ago
Whitney Houston's Legacy Gets a Tune-Up With New Album
US NEWS: 72 minutes ago
Split opinion: Americans, Europeans, Japanese skeptical about trade;...
TECHNOLOGY: 72 minutes ago
It's time to add two-factor to your iCloud account
TECHNOLOGY: 73 minutes ago
Google Play services updated with Google Fit testing, a new Drive...
ENTERTAINMENT: 73 minutes ago
The Complete Calendar Of Fall 2014 TV Premiere Dates
ENTERTAINMENT: 74 minutes ago
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton: Adrian Peterson's Actions 'Are an Embarassment'
TECHNOLOGY: 76 minutes ago
The Story Behind Those Nude-Looking Women's Cycling Uniforms
ENTERTAINMENT: 77 minutes ago
Anthony Daniels Talks New C3PO Costume in 'Star Wars 7'
US NEWS: 79 minutes ago
Man sentenced to time served for parking truck near White House, falsely...
ENTERTAINMENT: 80 minutes ago
Vanessa Hudgens Takes On Beyoncé & The Results Are Superb! Hear Her...
TECHNOLOGY: 80 minutes ago
Nasim Pedrad Reveals Her Uncanny Aziz Ansari Impression
US NEWS: 82 minutes ago
Probe: website must boost security
ENTERTAINMENT: 82 minutes ago
Arian Foster -- Rips Anheuser-Busch ... 'Selling Poison On that High Horse'
TECHNOLOGY: 83 minutes ago
FCC received a total of 3.7 million comments on net neutrality
TECHNOLOGY: 84 minutes ago
iCloud's Two-Factor Authenticaion Now Protects Backups
TECHNOLOGY: 88 minutes ago
Leica continues tradition of re-branding Panasonic cams with V-Lux, D-Lux
POLITICS: 88 minutes ago
Staci Appel (D CAND, IA-03): against taking away terrorist traitors’...
ENTERTAINMENT: 89 minutes ago
This Tumblr Shows You What It'd Be Like If Classic Paintings Could...
POLITICS: 89 minutes ago
Exclusive: 'This Is Where I Leave You'
TECHNOLOGY: 89 minutes ago
Get Free Coffee from McDonald’s Every Morning Through September 29th
ENTERTAINMENT: 89 minutes ago
Dating Naked: First Look at the Nude Nuptials
BUSINESS: 89 minutes ago
For Urban Outfitters, Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures
BUSINESS: 94 minutes ago
Experts: How To Fix The U.S. Retirement System
BUSINESS: 94 minutes ago
10 Tips to Supercharge Your Savings
TECHNOLOGY: 94 minutes ago
Inside the Design of the New Gawker Media (and Gizmodo) Offices
SPORTS: 98 minutes ago
Why statement by Anheuser-Busch should worry NFL
BUSINESS: 98 minutes ago
The iPhone 6 Is Really Made Up Of These Elements
ENTERTAINMENT: 103 minutes ago
Melissa Rivers ‘Absolutely’ Will File Lawsuits Against Yorkville...
ENTERTAINMENT: 103 minutes ago
21 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Action Movies
ENTERTAINMENT: 104 minutes ago
EXCLUSIVE! Wondering The TRUTH About Kim Kardashian & Her 'Friend'...
WORLD NEWS: 104 minutes ago
Chief defends Kashmir flood response
ENTERTAINMENT: 107 minutes ago
Nick Jonas No Longer Wears Purity Ring, Had "Intense" Religious Journey
BUSINESS: 111 minutes ago
FedEx units to raise shipping rates from January
ENTERTAINMENT: 111 minutes ago
'Problem Child' TV Show Happening with 'Hangover 2' Writer
BUSINESS: 116 minutes ago
How Boomers Can Play Nice With Millennials At Work
POLITICS: 117 minutes ago
Poll: One in four Americans worry about getting Ebola
ENTERTAINMENT: 118 minutes ago
31 Dogs Who Were In The Right Place At The Right Time
BUSINESS: 119 minutes ago
Boeing-Lockheed venture wins $938 million in U.S. rocket launch deal
BUSINESS: 119 minutes ago
Malls of America: Death Rumors Greatly Exaggerated
ENTERTAINMENT: 122 minutes ago
Chris Hemsworth Boards 'I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive'
POLITICS: 124 minutes ago
Bobby Jindal vs. ‘Science Denier’ Obama
BUSINESS: 125 minutes ago
If You Want Your Top Talent To Be Intrapreneurs, Incent Them Like Intraprenuers
BUSINESS: 127 minutes ago
Senator Introduces Bill That Would Remove NFL's Tax-Exempt Status
WORLD NEWS: 128 minutes ago
Liverpool 2-1 Ludogorets Razgrad
POLITICS: 129 minutes ago
Grimes’ Embarassing Gun Gaffe
BUSINESS: 130 minutes ago
Here's How Much Caregivers Pay Out-Of-Pocket
BUSINESS: 131 minutes ago
Ahead Of Alibaba: The Chinese Economy
BUSINESS: 135 minutes ago
Delicious Denim: How To Wear The Essential Fits For Fall
POLITICS: 137 minutes ago
Rep. Gowdy To Lead New Benghazi Committee In First Public Hearing
BUSINESS: 138 minutes ago
Adrian Peterson's Indefensible Abuse Of A 4 Year Old Likely Violates Texas Law
WORLD NEWS: 139 minutes ago
India and China look to put knotty relations on new footing
BUSINESS: 141 minutes ago
Following Playoff Appearance And 2-0 Start, Carolina Panthers Tickets...
WORLD NEWS: 142 minutes ago
Pakistani Islamists use floods to turn opinion against India
WORLD NEWS: 150 minutes ago
Obama Urges World Powers to Bolster Ebola Response
WORLD NEWS: 154 minutes ago
Ebola global security threat - Obama
WORLD NEWS: 158 minutes ago
Borussia Dortmund 2-0 Arsenal
WORLD NEWS: 167 minutes ago
Nasa backs Boeing's astronaut design
POLITICS: 169 minutes ago
Glenn Beck thinks up a new way we’re all about to die
POLITICS: 172 minutes ago
This Republican Tried To Stop North Carolina From Apologizing For...
WORLD NEWS: 173 minutes ago
Open Source: Images of an Uzbek First Daughter Under House Arrest
WORLD NEWS: 174 minutes ago
Pakistan Airlines Delay Leads to Near Mutiny
WORLD NEWS: 184 minutes ago
'100 children died' in Malta sinking
POLITICS: 185 minutes ago
Bill Maher’s “dirty secret”: He’s deeply religious and prays...
WORLD NEWS: 187 minutes ago
Pennsylvania police 'killer' named
SPORTS: 194 minutes ago
Orioles' Davis helped trapped motorist on highway
WORLD NEWS: 196 minutes ago
Scottish support for independence at 48 percent, ICM poll shows
POLITICS: 204 minutes ago
Obama Gives New Details On America's Effort To Fight Ebola
POLITICS: 211 minutes ago
Why is the U.S. nervous about Scottish independence vote?
POLITICS: 216 minutes ago
Fox News’ disgraceful Ferguson coverage gets demolished by St. Louis...
SPORTS: 217 minutes ago
Anheuser-Busch concerned with NFL
POLITICS: 226 minutes ago
Obama: US military to lead medical response to Ebola, now posing a global threat
WORLD NEWS: 233 minutes ago
Q. and A.: What Would an Independent Scotland Entail?