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Summaries of Recent Breaking News in all Categories

WORLD NEWS: 25 minutes ago
Khan refuses to join Pakistan talks
POLITICS: 40 minutes ago
Vargas, others appeal to Obama administration on deportations
US NEWS: 42 minutes ago
Watch: Eric Holder Visits Ferguson, Missouri
TECHNOLOGY: 55 minutes ago
Practice Your Pan Flip Technique with Dried Beans
TECHNOLOGY: 64 minutes ago
Latest Gameover botnet lays low, looking to resist takedown
POLITICS: 65 minutes ago
Senators Urge Review in Handling of Air Force Academy Sex Assault Cases
US NEWS: 67 minutes ago
Paul Ryan Won't Second-Guess Amid Ferguson Crisis
POLITICS: 67 minutes ago
Guns fly off the shelves near Ferguson
POLITICS: 67 minutes ago
Watch this inspirational video of James Foley speaking at Northwestern
ENTERTAINMENT: 69 minutes ago
15 Things Twentysomething Taylor Swift Fans Are Tired Of Hearing
TECHNOLOGY: 69 minutes ago
Most Popular Rewards Credit Card: Chase Amazon Rewards Visa
TECHNOLOGY: 71 minutes ago
Robots kidnap a human in the first trailer for dark sci-fi film 'Automata'
ENTERTAINMENT: 73 minutes ago
‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Honest Trailer Can’t Escape...
ENTERTAINMENT: 74 minutes ago
Kevin Hart's Ex-Wife -- I Don't Care What He Does With His Money
BUSINESS: 75 minutes ago
Icahn reveals stake in Hertz, plans to push management
BUSINESS: 77 minutes ago
SEO Update: There Is A Difference Between Data And Wisdom
US NEWS: 77 minutes ago
Tony Stewart skipping Bristol after Ward's death
ENTERTAINMENT: 77 minutes ago
Kelly Rowland Talks Competing With Beyonce at MTV VMAs
POLITICS: 80 minutes ago
Hot Louisiana race could send battle for control of US Senate into overtime
TECHNOLOGY: 81 minutes ago
Netflix Hack Lets You Browse Movies In 3D With Oculus Rift
TECHNOLOGY: 81 minutes ago
The Big Picture: NASA's electric plane achieves vertical takeoff
TECHNOLOGY: 82 minutes ago
PayPal for Windows Phone revamped with in-store payments, offers,...
ENTERTAINMENT: 84 minutes ago
George R.R. Martin & Robin Hobb Talk About Writing And Killing For A Living
TECHNOLOGY: 84 minutes ago
Incubated: How Amplify.LA Helps LA-Based Startups Grow
ENTERTAINMENT: 84 minutes ago
‘Selfie’ Might Just Be the Most Annoying and the Most Charming...
TECHNOLOGY: 85 minutes ago
Facebook will now pay you money to find bugs in the Oculus Rift
BUSINESS: 85 minutes ago
The Middle Finger Heard Around The NFL
TECHNOLOGY: 85 minutes ago
This Dangerous-Looking Dog Tag Is Actually a Handy Multi-Tool
TECHNOLOGY: 85 minutes ago
Oh Happy Day: UK Smash TV Show 'Happy Valley' Available for a Netflix Binge
POLITICS: 85 minutes ago
Soaked for A.L.S., George W. Bush Nominates Bill Clinton for a Bucketful
TECHNOLOGY: 85 minutes ago
This Japanese music video is quite strange
BUSINESS: 87 minutes ago
Hewlett-Packard Reports Revenue Growth
BUSINESS: 88 minutes ago
Bain Deal Makes TOMS Shoes Founder Blake Mycoskie A $300 Million Man
BUSINESS: 88 minutes ago
Youngest Billionaires on the Forbes 400
TECHNOLOGY: 89 minutes ago
Despite FAA Setbacks, Amazon Prime Air Makes Notable Engineering,...
ENTERTAINMENT: 94 minutes ago
Jaime King Sexes Up Overalls, Goes Without Shirt in Open Back Jumpsuit
TECHNOLOGY: 95 minutes ago
Lego's Amazing New HQ Is Finally Underway (And You Can Build Your Own)
BUSINESS: 95 minutes ago
Ford Gets Payoff From Products, Marketing For Millennials
TECHNOLOGY: 97 minutes ago
Second Journalist Held By Militants Has Covered Islamic World With Passion
ENTERTAINMENT: 98 minutes ago
Ariana Grande Gives Her Fans Everything They've Ever Wanted! Get A...
ENTERTAINMENT: 99 minutes ago
So This Is What A Brand New Baby Gorilla Looks Like
SPORTS: 101 minutes ago
Doctor: No evidence of cancer for Jim Kelly
ENTERTAINMENT: 102 minutes ago
Jermaine Jackson to NFL -- GET OVER NIPPLEGATE ... Janet Ban Is 'Crazy'
ENTERTAINMENT: 106 minutes ago
18 Things To Remember When Auditioning For Your First Broadway Show
BUSINESS: 107 minutes ago
Sony's Boring PS4 Is Winning The Console War Despite More Exciting Competition
SPORTS: 108 minutes ago
Clemson loses its top running back for the season
WORLD NEWS: 110 minutes ago
VIDEO: Kinshasa suburbs named after major cities
BUSINESS: 119 minutes ago
Exclusive: Ford plans new hybrid series to compete with Toyota Prius - sources
BUSINESS: 120 minutes ago
Why 'Pay To Play' Will Ruin The Super Bowl Halftime Show
WORLD NEWS: 126 minutes ago
Afghanistan gives NYT reporter 24 hours to leave country
BUSINESS: 127 minutes ago
From CEO 'Takers' To CEO 'Makers': The Great Transformation
BUSINESS: 128 minutes ago
Carl Icahn Drives Into The Hertz Mess, Says He Lacks Confidence In Management
BUSINESS: 128 minutes ago
Tackling The Real Unemployment Rate: 12.6%
BUSINESS: 130 minutes ago
Hewlett-Packard manages surprise quarterly revenue gain
WORLD NEWS: 134 minutes ago
Guatemalan top general dies in crash
BUSINESS: 141 minutes ago
Steelers Most Expensive, Browns Least Expensive Tickets In AFC North
POLITICS: 143 minutes ago
Supreme Court Puts Gay Marriage on Hold in Virginia
POLITICS: 154 minutes ago
Remembering James Foley, And The Awful Calculus Of a Hostage's Family
POLITICS: 156 minutes ago
GOP rep rips Dem challenger for using ads showing him before weight loss
POLITICS: 160 minutes ago
Kristol Podcast: On the War on Terror, Obama Still in Denial
SPORTS: 163 minutes ago
Top U.S. gymnasts out of worlds with broken ankle
POLITICS: 172 minutes ago
Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell takes stand in public corruption trial
SPORTS: 172 minutes ago
3 players to avoid in 1st round of fantasy drafts
WORLD NEWS: 172 minutes ago
Israel PM vows further Gaza campaign
WORLD NEWS: 174 minutes ago
VIDEO: New dates rewrite Neanderthal story
SPORTS: 189 minutes ago
Fowler helps to rebuild home destroyed by Sandy
POLITICS: 201 minutes ago
A confident Rick Perry hits the road after indictment