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Summaries of Recent Breaking News in all Categories

TECHNOLOGY: 12 minutes ago
Time Warner Cable claims routine maintenance caused nationwide outage
TECHNOLOGY: 20 minutes ago
Ethical clothing retailer Zady is launching its own label to promote...
TECHNOLOGY: 20 minutes ago
A Fancy Cooler Has Stolen The Title Of Most-Funded Kickstarter Project...
TECHNOLOGY: 21 minutes ago
How to Identify a Load-Bearing Wall
ENTERTAINMENT: 26 minutes ago
Michael Cera Once Pranked a Sundance Audience with a Question About...
TECHNOLOGY: 29 minutes ago
9-Year-Old Accidentally Kills Gun Instructor
ENTERTAINMENT: 31 minutes ago
Chris Soules Is the New Bachelor
TECHNOLOGY: 35 minutes ago
See Screech's First Day in Lifetime's Latest 'Saved By The Bell' Sneak Peek
TECHNOLOGY: 36 minutes ago
If you're a Time Warner Cable customer that was awake in the middle...
TECHNOLOGY: 43 minutes ago
Lockheed Martin to track space junk from the Australian Outback
TECHNOLOGY: 49 minutes ago
Confessions of a Frat Boy Turned Feminist
ENTERTAINMENT: 49 minutes ago
Say It Ain't So! The Vampire Diaries Season 6 May Be The Last If You...
TECHNOLOGY: 50 minutes ago
Salesforce Community Adds Customers And Partners To Growing Cloud
TECHNOLOGY: 51 minutes ago
Broadcom uses its new Wiced Sense Internet of Things quick prototyping...
BUSINESS: 51 minutes ago
The Stock-Market Story Behind The Intensive Inquisition Of Johnny Manziel
BUSINESS: 51 minutes ago
The 10 Most Common Workplace Anxiety Dreams
BUSINESS: 51 minutes ago
Volometrix Attempts To Measure Employee Productivity--But Is It A Flawed Model?
BUSINESS: 51 minutes ago
The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Requesting A Raise
TECHNOLOGY: 51 minutes ago
These Sun-Tracking Devices Pipe Real Sunlight Into Shadowy Buildings
TECHNOLOGY: 51 minutes ago
Road Trip Planner Is a Cheat Sheet to Plan Your Journey
ENTERTAINMENT: 51 minutes ago
45 Years After the Manson Murders: Sharon Tate's Sister Speaks About the Tragedy
BUSINESS: 59 minutes ago
As The Wireless Wars Boil And A Big Cable Merger Simmers, Let's Pause...
BUSINESS: 69 minutes ago
This Is The Worst Tragedy In Retail Right Now
POLITICS: 73 minutes ago
Mitch McConnell’s secret Father’s Day gift to the Koch brothers
WORLD NEWS: 74 minutes ago
South Sudan UN helicopter 'not shot'
WORLD NEWS: 75 minutes ago
Ukraine rebels target coastal town
US NEWS: 75 minutes ago
Cop: Girl firing Uzi at shooting range accidentally kills instructor
TECHNOLOGY: 77 minutes ago
London to start trialling wirelessly-charged buses
WORLD NEWS: 79 minutes ago
Thai premier tells foreign investors: 'We are not dictators'
TECHNOLOGY: 80 minutes ago
Pluralsight Raises $135 Million At A Valuation Approaching $1 Billion
WORLD NEWS: 81 minutes ago
Arsenal unlikely to sign new striker
BUSINESS: 82 minutes ago
Did Bankers And Lawyers Make FinTech The Darling Of London's Start-up Scene?
WORLD NEWS: 86 minutes ago
Snapchat valued at $10bn by backers
BUSINESS: 87 minutes ago
A Surprising New Study On How Video Games Impact Children
WORLD NEWS: 88 minutes ago
Japan Says Premier Supported Ceremony Honoring War Criminals
US NEWS: 89 minutes ago
Scottish businesses: no case for independence
US NEWS: 90 minutes ago
Obama Tries to Regain Popularity
BUSINESS: 90 minutes ago
Peter Godfrey-Smith Takes On The Philosophy Of Biology
WORLD NEWS: 91 minutes ago
Pakistan's prime minister resolved to ride out protests crisis
WORLD NEWS: 94 minutes ago
Button's McLaren career uncertain
ENTERTAINMENT: 95 minutes ago
The "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Cast Have Taken The Ultimate Reunion Selfie
ENTERTAINMENT: 96 minutes ago
Felicity Huffman: I'm Loving My Daughters' Teen Years
ENTERTAINMENT: 96 minutes ago
Chelsea Handler Bids a Star-Studded, Semi-Fond Farewell with Her Show's...
POLITICS: 97 minutes ago
GOP Establishment Senses Opportunity in New Jersey
US NEWS: 102 minutes ago
Watch: Girl Accidentally Kills Shooting Range Instructor
US NEWS: 103 minutes ago
Is Navy missing the boat on this?
US NEWS: 103 minutes ago
Girl, 9, accidentally kills gun instructor
ENTERTAINMENT: 108 minutes ago
Zachary Quinto Officially Confirms Relationship With Model Miles McMillan!
SPORTS: 110 minutes ago
Off track, Bowyer competes with wife at Redbox
WORLD NEWS: 114 minutes ago
Calm returns to Gaza as truce holds
US NEWS: 115 minutes ago
Muslims react with outrage at UK sex abuse report
POLITICS: 116 minutes ago
Spy vs.Spy: Uber’s Secret Agents: Was Poaching From Lyft Unethical?
WORLD NEWS: 124 minutes ago
VIDEO: Helicopters buried in fire-drill foam
BUSINESS: 125 minutes ago
Four Things You Need To Know About Disney's Drones
WORLD NEWS: 125 minutes ago
AC Milan keen to take Torres on loan
BUSINESS: 132 minutes ago
Xignite's Lessons about FinTech API Design
ENTERTAINMENT: 140 minutes ago
65 Things That Will Make A British Person Say "Sorry"
BUSINESS: 142 minutes ago
Part 1: Creativity Gardening - The Simple, Practical Methods of Creative Types
BUSINESS: 142 minutes ago
Google Images Hacked?
WORLD NEWS: 142 minutes ago
Christine Lagarde, I.M.F. Chief, Under Investigation in France
WORLD NEWS: 148 minutes ago
Afghan candidate Ghani pulls observers from election audit
US NEWS: 149 minutes ago
Annual tomato battle leaves Spanish town red
BUSINESS: 149 minutes ago
Is Your Network Hyperconverged Yet?
WORLD NEWS: 163 minutes ago
VIDEO: US girl shoots gun tutor dead
WORLD NEWS: 163 minutes ago
VIDEO: 'Feels like normal life in Gaza'
POLITICS: 164 minutes ago
Louisiana Gov. Jindal to reportedly sue federal government over Common Core
POLITICS: 171 minutes ago
Scott Brown Sure Posts a Lot of Photos of Himself Working Out
POLITICS: 171 minutes ago
10 Hours in Ferguson: A Visual Timeline of Michael Brown's Death and...
POLITICS: 171 minutes ago
Michael Brown's Mom Laid Flowers Where He Was Shot—and Police Crushed Them
POLITICS: 171 minutes ago
GOP Senate candidates mum on birth control mandate change
POLITICS: 176 minutes ago
What Charter Schools Are Getting Right
POLITICS: 176 minutes ago
Obama Wants a Syria War Plan This Week
POLITICS: 176 minutes ago
This Is America’s Top High School
POLITICS: 194 minutes ago
Missouri Senator says police departments should mandate body cameras...
POLITICS: 229 minutes ago
After Inspector General Report, Veterans Want More Than Promises