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Summaries of Recent Breaking News in all Categories

WORLD NEWS: 15 minutes ago
Glasgow set for opening ceremony
WORLD NEWS: 15 minutes ago
Will Libya's militias defeat democracy?
POLITICS: 32 minutes ago
“It was an out-of-body experience”: Stephan Eirik Clark on his...
POLITICS: 40 minutes ago
On Immigration, America's Concerns Are Fiery But Fleeting
TECHNOLOGY: 45 minutes ago
Porn studio sues immigrant who has “no idea how BitTorrent works,” wins big
WORLD NEWS: 46 minutes ago
Man City U21s walk off in racism row
POLITICS: 47 minutes ago
Offshore wind farms are helping seals find food
US NEWS: 50 minutes ago
Colorado judge sets new December 8 trial date in theater massacre case
TECHNOLOGY: 52 minutes ago
Apple Faces Class Action Suit In Affecting 20,000 Employees Over California...
TECHNOLOGY: 54 minutes ago
Japan's prime minister wants to host the first 'robot Olympics' in 2020
BUSINESS: 56 minutes ago
Every iPhone Has A Security Backdoor. Apple Denies It Is A Threat
BUSINESS: 56 minutes ago
A Brief History of Apple Hacking
TECHNOLOGY: 58 minutes ago
Kinomatic for iPhone offers pro-level video features without the complexity
US NEWS: 59 minutes ago
Seeking the limelight, Biden courts key Dem groups
POLITICS: 59 minutes ago
Potential 2016 Rivals Clinton and Rubio Spar
TECHNOLOGY: 60 minutes ago
Vine Challenge: Simplify Classic Films Into 6-Second Videos
TECHNOLOGY: 61 minutes ago
Not Just Echolocation: Bats Use Polarized Light to Navigate
POLITICS: 61 minutes ago
MH17 Investigation Is a Historic First
TECHNOLOGY: 61 minutes ago
Inside Shutterstock’s Fourth Annual Hackathon
POLITICS: 63 minutes ago
Long-forgotten Bob Dylan recordings found after left untouched for over 40 years
US NEWS: 63 minutes ago
Egypt's Good News Calls for Israeli-Palestine Cease-fire May be Short Lived
BUSINESS: 63 minutes ago
Here's How You Can Restart Collaboration
TECHNOLOGY: 65 minutes ago
Stealth Marketing: How Brands Infiltrate Vine With Product Placement
BUSINESS: 67 minutes ago
Four Beaten-Down Stocks That Billionaires Are Buying
WORLD NEWS: 67 minutes ago
VIDEO: Gaza: Why Rafah crossing matters
ENTERTAINMENT: 68 minutes ago
Adrian Peterson -- YES, I GOT MARRIED!!!
ENTERTAINMENT: 68 minutes ago
First 'Into the Storm' Clip Sets Off a Tornado Warning
US NEWS: 69 minutes ago
Ken Burns turns his lens on Roosevelt dynasty
ENTERTAINMENT: 70 minutes ago
Tim McGraw: Fan Altercation in Atlanta Was "an Unfortunate Situation"
BUSINESS: 72 minutes ago
Under Orders From Congress, FAA Makes Way For Commercial Drones
ENTERTAINMENT: 73 minutes ago
Reality Showdown! Producers Now Deciding Between Fan-Favorite ‘Bachelorette’...
ENTERTAINMENT: 75 minutes ago
13 Delectable Dim Sum Dishes You Need To Try
WORLD NEWS: 75 minutes ago
Sinosphere Blog: Film Has Crowds Swarming to Beijing House, Haunted or Not
BUSINESS: 75 minutes ago
Chrysler recalls older Jeep SUVs for ignition switch issues
WORLD NEWS: 75 minutes ago
Suicide car bomb kills 21 in Iraq
ENTERTAINMENT: 76 minutes ago
Piecing Together Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver,’ Which May Be...
TECHNOLOGY: 76 minutes ago
Sometimes It's Worth Finishing Your Worst Work to Move On To Your Best
BUSINESS: 76 minutes ago
Courts Issue Conflicting Rulings On Obamacare Tax Credits: Which One...
TECHNOLOGY: 76 minutes ago
The Bat-Chart of (Nearly) Every Bat-Villain Batman Ever Beat
ENTERTAINMENT: 77 minutes ago
This High School Style Documentary From The '80s Is Everything
TECHNOLOGY: 78 minutes ago
InMobi’s New Suite For Game Developers Sports Voxel’s Playable Ads
BUSINESS: 78 minutes ago
Banks trade barbs with U.S. Senate panel in tax avoidance probe
BUSINESS: 80 minutes ago
Getting To Grips With The Late Payment Problem
BUSINESS: 80 minutes ago
American Apparel hopes to decide Charney's fate by mid-August
TECHNOLOGY: 81 minutes ago
Zepp takes a swing at baseball with its tiny data analyzer
WORLD NEWS: 86 minutes ago
VIDEO: Can Middle East truce be reached?
ENTERTAINMENT: 88 minutes ago
President Obama Mysteriously Cancels Hollywood Leg of L.A. Visit
SPORTS: 89 minutes ago
Harbaugh not sweating possible Ray Rice suspension
ENTERTAINMENT: 90 minutes ago
Husband Catalogues His Wife's 'Excuses' For Turning Down Sex On An...
ENTERTAINMENT: 90 minutes ago
Read These 18 New Yorker Business Stories While You Still Can
ENTERTAINMENT: 91 minutes ago
The Next Big 'Boy Band': 5 Seconds of Summer Celebrate Album Release...
POLITICS: 92 minutes ago
The Late Historian Who Predicted The Years of War After September 11
TECHNOLOGY: 95 minutes ago
Cruise Ship Cabins Are Built on an Assembly Line Just Like Cars
ENTERTAINMENT: 95 minutes ago
The Simpsons Marathon: FXX to Air Every Episode in Chronological Order
ENTERTAINMENT: 96 minutes ago
10 Mysterious Creatures That Washed Up On Beaches
ENTERTAINMENT: 97 minutes ago
How Media Organizations Are Prepping To Bring The News To Your Wrist
BUSINESS: 100 minutes ago
Despite Playoff Contention, Cardinals Tickets Have Dropped 38.9% Since...
WORLD NEWS: 101 minutes ago
VIDEO: Madrid fans joy at Rodriguez signing
POLITICS: 103 minutes ago
House investigators: IRS tech experts say Lerner’s hard drive only...
BUSINESS: 104 minutes ago
Growing Up NASCAR: Lesa France Kennedy Drives The Future Of Motorsports
WORLD NEWS: 104 minutes ago
Tajik spy charge academic freed
BUSINESS: 105 minutes ago
Hearthstone's 'Curse of Naxxramas' Is An Expansion Of The Concept Of DLC Itself
BUSINESS: 105 minutes ago
D.C. Circuit to IRS: Only Congress Can Change the Law
TECHNOLOGY: 105 minutes ago
Apple has now paid $20 billion to App Store developers
TECHNOLOGY: 106 minutes ago
How the Best Seinfeld Parody on the Internet Created Seinfeld Emoji
WORLD NEWS: 110 minutes ago
New York 'white flags' stump police
ENTERTAINMENT: 110 minutes ago
Second 'Dear White People' Trailer Ignites a Culture War
BUSINESS: 116 minutes ago
The Hospital Disinfectant That's Being Used In Fracking
POLITICS: 122 minutes ago
No evidence of direct Russian link to plane, US officials say
WORLD NEWS: 132 minutes ago
Battered by election, Indonesia's new president faces party clash
POLITICS: 135 minutes ago
Bad Roger Simon calls National Guardsmen child-killers. …Does Politico...
SPORTS: 140 minutes ago
Why Dungy's clarification does not make sense
POLITICS: 142 minutes ago
VA Nominee Steps Before Senate Committee
WORLD NEWS: 150 minutes ago
Apple earnings up on iPhone sales
WORLD NEWS: 154 minutes ago
VIDEO: Relatives mourn Israeli soldier deaths
WORLD NEWS: 156 minutes ago
Celtic 4-0 KR Reykjavik (agg 5-0)
POLITICS: 167 minutes ago
Senate Democrats to Unveil Border Crisis Bill
POLITICS: 182 minutes ago
GOP Investigators: Lerner Hard Drive Was Only 'Scratched'
SPORTS: 193 minutes ago
Vikings QB named his daughter after Bobby Bowden
POLITICS: 201 minutes ago
Podcast: The Obamacare Subsidy Court Battle
SPORTS: 206 minutes ago
Maple Leafs hire 28-year-old as assistant GM
SPORTS: 227 minutes ago
Hernandez lawyers, Pats resolve documents dispute